Practice Charter

Our Responsibilities

  1. To greet you courteously and maintain absolute confidentiality
  2. To see you at the appointment times as far as possible
  3. To give the treatment and advice we believe is best, giving priority to urgent medical conditions
  4. To arrange via reception staff for you to be able to speak to a doctor for telephone advice
  5. To arrange a home visit for those to ill to attend surgery
  6. To give you access to your medical records subject to any limitations in the law
  7. To have repeat prescriptions available at the surgery within 48 hours if you give the required notice
  8. To welcome and consider any suggestions you make to improve the service
  9. To offer you a health check with the nurse/doctor when you join the practice

Your Responsibilities

  1. Please give us the same courtesy you would expect from us
  2. Please give adequate notice if you cannot keep an appointment
  3. Please remember an appointment is for one person only
  4. Most delays are due to medical emergencies – please be patient
  5. Only request a home visit if it is medically justifiable and not for social convenience
  6. Requests for a repeat prescription should be made at least 48 hours before it is required in writing, either online or by using the computer printout request slip
  7. Please think carefully before using the out-of-hours service which is for medical emergencies only